CD - Dinosaur Songs (2012)

179 kr

Pappa Kapsyl's children's album "Dinosaurielåtar" from 2012.
CD in cardboard case.

Contains the songs:

1. An ancient brachiosaurus
2. Tyrannosaurus rex
3. Buy clothes for a brontosaurus
4. Pulley triceratops
5. A small minisauri
6. Chased by a T-rex
7. Club tail
8. Egosaurus
9. Have you seen any dinosaurs today?
10. Long neck blues
11. In the land of dreams
12. The Flying Lizard's Lullaby

Text and Music: Carl-Otto Johansson, except Långhals blues: Text and
Music: Carl-Otto Johansson, Christian Tideman

"The album is full of good music that parents can also like"

"Works for my adult ears too."

"A must in every family!"

"Funny lyrics and lovely melodies. Modern, subtle and
well thought out!! The kids love this :-)”